The Fictitious Pen

Letting my mind speak for itself.

The Secret Falls

Image Credits to Darek Drapala.

Ever since when I was a little kid, my grandpa would tell me a lot of stories. One story which stood out the most was the story of the secret falls. Yes, I remembered it as if it were yesterday. Unlike the other stories he told me, this one was not fictional, it was the real deal. I was shocked to hear that such a beautiful place existed right here on Earth. He and I were close. We had a special bond. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I heard he has only a few more weeks left to live. I went to visit him one day, and he wanted me to carry out one of his many dying wishes, and that was to take a photo of the secret falls since he is old and feeble now so he cannot go there at his own will like he used to back in the days when he was still young and full of youth. I held onto his hand and he held onto mine.

He released my hands, and reached into his right pocket. From it, revealed a folded up paper that was somewhat worn out and old. After a short moment of silence, he handed it to me and told me that in it is a map and directions on how to get to the secret falls. I was surprised and speechless. I never been there before nor have I seen it. And this was the moment where he made the request.

The next day, I went to set up camp at the specified location on the map. After setting up the tent, and getting everything else ready for the night, I headed off. It was one o’clock in the afternoon. The sun was still out, burning brightly in the sky. I’ve been walking for two hours straight according to the map’s directions. Instructions such as “turn right after you see the tall oak tree in the center and then keep walking after you covered about 500 feet of distance” kept popping up along the way on the map. And then, after I was close to my destination, I heard the faint noise generated by the sound of the falling water. It was nearby. I was filled with excitement. Without hesitation, I ran the final distance that was needed to be covered. Finally, after squeezing through some tall bushes and dashed pass some tall trees, there it was. In front of me was a decently large waterfall. It wasn’t as big as the Niagra, but it was beautiful in its own way. The water sparkled in the sunlight. Large smooth white stones populated both sides of the falls. Tall and spaced out trees surrounded the perimeter. I was practically mesmerized by the beauty of falls.

Just then, I immediately came to realization that I still had to take a picture of this place in order to fulfill my grandpa’s wish. I took out my DSLR and began to take some shots. After doing so, I returned it back into its bag, sat on the largest rock, and began to daydream for the next hour. I lied there in peace. All my worries vanished from my mind. This was like heaven. By the time it was three o’clock, I began to head back, but before doing so, I took one last look at it to ensure that I engraved this site into my mind, soul, and heart so that I may never forget such beauty.


One Shot

In the town - En ville - Explore 14/11/2013 - Rank 59
Image credits to Pascal Franche

It was during one peaceful afternoon, while I was taking a stroll in my neighborhood park, I saw it. Something jumped out of the bushes, and landed in a plot of grass which was surrounded by the Autumn leaves and it began to slowly feast on what remains of the green grass from summer. The creature was small, innocent, and cute. I slowly walked up to it, yet kept my distance so that I didn’t scare the critter away. There, I stood, and decided that it would be best that I lied flat on my belly to get a better view – which I did do. The little critter had a mix of brown and gray colored fur which protected it from the cold and chilly weather that is yet to come. It had eyes that shined and glistened like pearls, only except they were colored black. I was marveled at the beauty of the creature’s eyes. How it shown ever so brightly from the reflection of the sunlight!

I then decided that it would be a splendid idea that I take this opportunity to capture this moment in the form of a photo. Without further hesitation, I released my smartphone from the prison of my right pocket, and fired up the camera app, only to realize that I have enough power left on my phone for one perfect still shot. That means I only had one chance to get it right. Quickly, I adjusted the settings according to the lighting situation, the distance, etc. With joy, excitement, and nervousness, I began the process of taking the photo. It felt as if time suddenly slowed down and my thumb felt as if it took eons to touch the capture button. Slowly, the gap between my thumb decreased while it descended. Suddenly, the bunny sensed my presence, turned around and looked at my direction. Its eyes met mine, and mine met its. I froze. I swallowed my nervousness, and decided it’s now or never. I clicked the button, only to realize that it was too late, the bunny had already made it halfway through the leaping process, which in turn was cut off from the screen. I was disappointed, yet motivated. “Next time….” I said to myself. “Next time… I will successfully capture a picture of the bunny.”

Frozen Ice

Image Credits to Anna Elizabeth

It is ice cold. I was surrounded by a thin layer of ice, and a bit of snow rested on my head. I shivered. With the sun’s reflection on the ice, I shined ever so brightly like a ruby coated with a thin layer of diamond. The beauty of a white winter surrounded my home. There, I slowly froze alongside with my companions. Together, we hung in there, and waited for spring to come. We waited for the warmth of spring, but until then, we were stuck here, frozen solid in ice, and all we can do is wait. Any day now, the tree in which we grabbed on so tightly will let us go, and quickly, we will fall to our demise. Until then, we hung on with all our might until spring came. The warmth of spring, the clearing of snow, the beautiful colors of blossoming flowers, will fill the icy cold frozen world with life once more. The chirping of birds as they rise to get their meal, the buzzing of the bees getting ready to take flight and collect the nectar from the flowers of spring, and finally, the sun which shines ever so brightly bringing peace and warmth to this land. Until then, we hung on and waited, and waited, and waited.


Image Credits to Robin Buhl

It was five in the morning. I went out and sat at the edge of the pond which was located not too far from my house. It was surrounded by tall yellow plants. I sat there in silence, and waited. It was quiet, peaceful, relaxing, but cold. The temperature was well below seventy degrees Fahrenheit. Still, I sat there, and waited. With every breath I made, a small cloud of white smoke would appear, clouding my vision. I rubbed my hands together and sat with my feet curled up against my chest to keep myself warm. There was no one else but me and mother nature. I was far away from civilization, from the busy streets of the city life. Here, in the countryside, my mind is at peace.

And there I sat, at the edge of the pond, waiting for the magical moment to take place, the event when the sun rises from behind the thick trees and hills that surrounds my home. Only an hour remained until it shows its face. Excitement filled my mind, my heart began to race, and I eagerly stared across the pond and focused on the horizon. Suddenly, a golden beam of warmth shined and blinded my eyes. Slowly, the sky glowed, and became brighter and brighter. The roosters began to sing their morning ritual song. At last, the sun has finally risen!

Forest of Silence

Autumn fading out - Explored # 1
Image Credits to Bjorne Kristian

The weather was cold. I was semi-freezing, and small clouds of smoke formed from each breath I made. It has been one hour since I entered the forest. I was surrounded by nothing but dead trees. There was not a single sound. It was quiet, too quiet to the point where I can hear my own heartbeat. Bump bump, bump bump, bump bump. Not a single ray of sunlight pierced through this forest nor through the thick light gray clouds that hovered above the forest. There was something about this forest unlike any other that I’ve ever seen which seems to intrigue me. Was it due to the lack of sound? Was it due to the feeling given off by the dead trees? I felt that there was some deep and potentially dark secret that is hidden in this forest.

I continued to travel further down the path which led me deeper and deeper into the forest, and it became darker, and darker, and darker. Suddenly, a huge flock of crows flew out the forest, and broke the dead silence. A chill went down my spine. I had a feeling that something was off, but I couldn’t stop myself from proceeding deeper and deeper into the forest. It was as if my feet were under a trance caused by this forest. Every step I took, ignoring all potential dangers, brought me closer and closer into the heart of the forest, while further and further away from where I started walking. I would glance around every now and then only to see nothing but the same dead trees surrounding me. It felt as though if time just froze. I checked my watch. It was now 4:30 PM. Soon it will get dark, and it would be dangerous to turn back now. I must hurry and find a suitable spot to spend the night.

As I journeyed a bit more deeper into the forest, suddenly, several feet ahead of me, I saw something quickly passed by. Without warning, the temperature suddenly dropped significantly and a somewhat thick layer of fog began to form. I started to panic. I looked to my left, then to my right, there was nothing to be seen. What could that thing that I just saw be? A wild lion? A bear? No, it couldn’t be. The figure was too human-like to be an animal, but its movement was too out of the ordinary and too fast for it to be human. Then, a thought popped into my mind, could it be a ghost? Suddenly, I found myself running without hesitation while breathing heavily. Not only that, I lost track of which direction I was going. Was I running towards where the mysterious figure headed to? Or was I running away from it? One thing’s for sure, I have to escape this forest from whatever I saw. Whatever it was, my instincts are telling me that I do not want to cross path with it again. It felt as if this situation was straight out of a horror film, and things don’t usually end up well in the end, at least, not always. Hopefully this isn’t the case.

I continued to run until I was out of breath. I fell on my knees, tired from the long run, trying to catch my breath while breathing heavily. I looked around: in front of me, to my left, to my right, then behind, then front again. There were no signs of life other than myself. The fog suddenly began to slowly die down. Again, I checked my surroundings once more, nothing changed, except the fact that the path that I was taking has now disappeared. I am now lost and hundreds of miles away from civilization. Calling was out of the question, since this entire forest is located in a dead zone.

After recovering from the run, I continued to walk. With each step, it became darker, and darker, and darker. Every tree I passed seemed to be the same one. It felt as if I was walking in circles. I decided to tie a piece of yarn on one of the tree’s branch and continued to walk. After about five minutes of walking, I arrived back at the tree where I tied a piece of yarn to. Except, this time, the yarn seemed to be worn out, almost as if it had been there for several years. I thought it couldn’t be, this must be left behind by some traveler who came here before I did who just so happen to have the same yarn that I did. And so, this time, I decided to tie a piece of paper with some writing on it, and repeated the process. Again, I arrived at the same spot, and to my surprise, the paper was worn out, and the contents on it matched exactly what I wrote.

Then, it hit me. It must be the forest. The forest must be draining the life force of whatever is left abandoned. What if it happens to me? What if this forest drains my life force away? I have to get out of here quick. I ran. I ran. I ran. Suddenly, I slipped on some leaves and fell on hit the back of my head on a rock which was on the ground. I felt lightheaded and dizzy, and without any more strength to stay awake, I lost consciousness. Time went by, no one came, and finally, I regained my consciousness. I checked the time on my watch. It was 7:00 AM. I was out cold for almost a day. I tried to get up, but struggled. Then, something long and white blocked my view. It was my hair. In terror and dismay, I used my smartphone and took a picture of myself. There it was, in the screen, was a man with white long hair with a pale colored face. This can’t be… this can’t be… I grew old! If I can’t get out of this forest, then I rather die than stay here lost forever! Without a moments hesitation, I took my pocketknife out of my pocket, and used every bit of strength I had left, and committed suicide. This… is… the end.