Stuck in the Desert

by Eric Liang

Image Credits to Peter B.

The temperature was scorching hot. The temperature was well above a hundred. There was no other human life form nearby nor was there a town anywhere nearby to be found. I’ve been walking for the past few hours ever since jumping out the burning helicopter. Somehow, my life was spared from the fall. Surrounding my current position was nothing but sand and cacti. Now I knew what it was like to be stuck in the desert like those people in the movies. Parts of my skin was suffering from sunburn and skin rash. I was sweating like a pig on an oven. Slowly, I put one foot forward and then the next one. I didn’t bother looking back for there was nothing to be found but sand and cacti. Hopefully I find decent shelter by nightfall before the coyotes are out at night. Hopefully I don’t come across any poisonous snakes, rattlesnakes especially. The backpack I carried on my back had no medical supplies of any kind, and I just finished my last drop of water and rations. Right now, all I can do is rely on whatever cacti I come across and drink their liquid. The more I traveled, the more rocks began to show up. My frown became a smile, then a laughter came out of my mouth. I sense that I am close to civilization, or at least a small town or abandoned ghost town for me to take shelter for the night. I continued moving forward and hoped for the best.