The House in the Fog

by Eric Liang

Image Credits to Naike Tyler.

In the middle of nowhere, far away from civilization lies an abandoned house in the fog. It was not ordinary house nor was it any different from any other house, but one thing’s for sure, it can only be found during the night. In the morning, if one were to try and seek for that house, one would ultimately fail to do so. They would only find an empty plot of land.

People, especially lost hikers, who accidentally finds the house usually either stays there for the night or just take a look at it from the outside and walks away. Those who stay there for the night usually end up missing and never to be seen again. As for those who walked away, they either got really lucky and found their way back or they are stuck wandering the forest in circles for eternity. One thing’s for sure, it is not the place one would want to stumble upon. One might say the place is haunted, another might say is cursed, but I say it’s both. I was one of the lucky few who made it out of the forest, while my friends and comrades have failed to do so.

The house was two stories high, made of brick and stone, but mainly stone. It was surrounded by a few petrified trees. There was not a single sign of life, except the mysterious shadowy figure that appears to be human-like inside the house. One thing’s for sure, it is not human or rather is no longer a human. The temperature there was well below the 60s (Fahrenheit) and I was shivering in the cold with every breath forming a cloud of smoke. It seemed time would freeze over and remain still so that morning will never come. Just by being near the place is already dangerous. So the next time you visit a forest, and fog starts appearing, turn back, and run. Run as if your life was on the line.