Daily Prompt: A Bird, A Plane, You!

by Eric Liang

So in the daily prompt, I was asked to choose one of the three superpowers and to explain why: ability to speak and understand any language, ability to time travel, ability to make any two people agree with each other. My superpower would simply be the ability of time travel. Why not one of the other two? The ability of speaking and understanding any languages is useless to me since I don’t travel and do not possess the will nor desire to speak and understand any language. Next, to be honest, was my original choice, the ability to make any two people agree with each other; however, it wasn’t until later that I soon realized there’s a flaw in this ability. As I would like to refer back to the option, it stated “to make any two people…” Now, notice the word “any”, which is probably safe to assume the user being one of the two people is a possible scenario. It is also a double edged sword. Sure, it could be beneficial to the user if he or she wants something to be agreed upon that the other person can do or has, but this is also where the flaw comes in. Again, the ability is to make any two people agree with each other. That means that it’s safe to assume that the beholder of this amazing ability might have to agree with the opponent. The result might not be as great as what was intended, but it will do. Also, I chose time travel because that way, I can guide my past self onto a path of a higher success rate of reaching my goals. In addition, hoping that I won’t accidentally touch my past self causing my existence to go poof.

Now that I’ve told you, my readers, my thoughts, I would love to hear yours, so feel free to leave a comment of which one you would choose. You don’t have to explain it like I did.