1. The Spiral Staircase – The Golden Key

by Eric Liang

Image Credits to klickertrigger

My parents decided to go on a honeymoon last weekend, so I was dropped off at my father’s side of the family’s grandparents place. It was quiet, boring, and dull. They didn’t have any game systems nor a computer. I was about to lose my sanity until I decided to roam the house at random, killing time and hoping the weekend would pass by already. “Oh how I miss my wonderful toys and games back at home already! Spare me of this agony!” I would shout at random intervals on the top of my lungs, only to get a reply  of “Now now Richard, indoor voices please.”

After exploring the house a bit, which was in fact a decently big house, I decided to pretend to be a treasure hunter like Indiana Jones, and search for hidden treasure around the house. Whoosh! I would slide across the wooden floorboards in my socks, while pretending to flick a invisible whip in the air. Then, I accidentally slipped and crashed into the bookcase in my grandparents room. Suddenly, a book fell over and a piece of paper fell out of it.

“He who inserts this golden key into the right slot shall unlock the secret to this house.”

In the same page the message fell out, was a empty slot occupied by a golden key. “Wowwww!” I went. As I started to fantasize more and more about what secrets this house might contain, I decided to take the three items, and began inserting the key to every door in the house, but unfortunately, none of them accepted the golden key. After a failed attempt in finding the slot, I returned to the bookcase where I found the key at. I sat down and sighed in misery. Then, I noticed something odd about the bookcase. I then realized that there was a golden key slot right behind the slot where the book fell from. Immediately, I revived from my depression, inserted the key into the wall, and turned. Click! Whatever it was connected to, somewhat was unlocked. Soon, the bookcase started to slide to the left, and the wall behind it began to move, which revealed a secret spiral stairway that leads underground.

“Woahhhh!” I said with wide open eyes and excitement. I walked onto the first step and looked down the center. The stairway twisted and turned going all the way down, almost as if it were a never ending pathway to hell. The temperature in the stairway was cold. I went out to make sure the coast was clear, then went back in and began the long journey down the stairway. Step by step, slowly descending, I looked down. As the distance began to shrink between me and the bottom of the floor. I grew more and more impatient so I began to walk faster and faster and faster and finally, I reached the bottom. There was a old fashioned wooden door with a gold key port. I hesitated and imagined what interesting things were behind the door, but at the same time, I also thought of what horrors could also possibly be behind it. I then decided that I’ve known too much, and it’s too late to turn back, it’s either now or never I thought. With a deep breath, I inserted the key, twisted it, and pulled open the door.

To be continued…