2. The Kingdom Beyond the Ridge – The Old Stone Bridge

by Eric Liang

Image Credits to Dave (snaps11).

My house was located in the countryside near a forest. The forest was somewhat green and luscious. It was usually quiet with the exceptions of birds chirping every now and then. One day, I decided to explore the forest despite the villagers warning. They claimed that the forest contained evil spirits, and those who enter were never to be seen again. I thought it was a silly tale passed down for  generations to keep kids from getting lost and causing more trouble, because we recently experienced a harsh drought. I wanted to see the truth for myself and my sense of adventure was bursting with excitement and curiosity. And so, on a cloudy day, I decided to sneak into the forest prepared, of course, with food and a survival kit should anything happen to me. Without further hesitation, I marched into the entrance of the forest, which just so happens to be right next to the dried up river that provides the village its water.

The path was nice and smooth at first, but gradually became more and more difficult to travel on. Pretty soon, I was lost. Being a positive person, I didn’t fret and kept walking forward. Eventually, I arrived at a beautiful scenery which contained a huge waterfall with water falling. Although, the speed at which the water fell wasn’t at all as fast as one would expect it to be, so it was hardly loud enough to pierce through the forest to echo out to the village. Then I realized, this was the source of the water, and that there was a huge tree that fell over from a huge storm, which blocked the river’s flow. I tried to push it out of the way, but it wouldn’t budge. I thought, I’ll inform the villagers of the tree, and all will be good again. And so, I continued to walk deeper into the forest after a good rest.

Finally, I arrived at a location where a stone bridge was laid out before me, and at the center, was a small tree stump. I thought it to be very odd, whoever made this definitely wasn’t in the right mind to leave the remaining tree stump as is. The thing that caught my attention was that the bridge seemed to lead deep into the forest, except the trees which grew in front of it formed a impenetrable wall. A chill went down my spine. My senses told me that I shouldn’t cross it, but my curiosity and sense of adventure was too great to hold me back now. Step-by-step, I walked closer and closer to the bridge. As soon as I my feet touched the edge of the bridge, a mysterious ripple of light seemed to glow in the center of the air. I freaked out for a moment and I thought I was seeing things. “Impossible” I chuckled nervously while shaking my head in denial. “T-There’s no such thing as ghosts. That’s just a silly idea! Ah-ha hahahaha ha.” Due to my ignorance and sense of adventure, I took a huge step forward, and suddenly, all my surroundings immediately blurred out and in front of my was pitch black. I looked back, and saw the forest quickly fading away. Then, I turned around again, and this time, I found myself in a forest again. Except, it looked a lot different than what I saw in front of me from before. The tree leaves were dark green and filled with life. The stone bridge that I saw was no longer worn out, and there was actually water flowing through it. Not only that, the trees that once formed a huge wall to block access through the other side of the bridge was no longer there, except, only this time, it was behind me.

To be continued…

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