The Midnight Sky

by Eric Liang

Milky Way
Image credits to Jacqui Barker.

The moon was absent in tonight’s midnight sky; however, millions and billions of white dots filled the dark blue night sky. They shined so bright that almost all their light pierced through the remaining clouds in the sky. It was as if millions and billions of fireflies swarmed around in the night sky. Each dot represented each star from our galaxy and from others nearby. They say that when we look at the beautiful night sky, we are actually taking a glance into the past of the stars that we see at night. How they twinkle ever so brightly in the night sky. Breathtaking.

I wonder if I will see a shooting star tonight. On one part of the sky, a large cluster of stars stood close by. Together, they formed a nice line which bulges outward in the center and gradually eases out on either side, kind of like looking at a sunny side up egg from the side. The night was cold, but the sky was delightful. Every moment was worth the sight. Bewitching. Still, I wonder, if I will ever see a shooting star tonight in this beautifully lit midnight sky.