One Shot

by Eric Liang

In the town - En ville - Explore 14/11/2013 - Rank 59
Image credits to Pascal Franche

It was during one peaceful afternoon, while I was taking a stroll in my neighborhood park, I saw it. Something jumped out of the bushes, and landed in a plot of grass which was surrounded by the Autumn leaves and it began to slowly feast on what remains of the green grass from summer. The creature was small, innocent, and cute. I slowly walked up to it, yet kept my distance so that I didn’t scare the critter away. There, I stood, and decided that it would be best that I lied flat on my belly to get a better view – which I did do. The little critter had a mix of brown and gray colored fur which protected it from the cold and chilly weather that is yet to come. It had eyes that shined and glistened like pearls, only except they were colored black. I was marveled at the beauty of the creature’s eyes. How it shown ever so brightly from the reflection of the sunlight!

I then decided that it would be a splendid idea that I take this opportunity to capture this moment in the form of a photo. Without further hesitation, I released my smartphone from the prison of my right pocket, and fired up the camera app, only to realize that I have enough power left on my phone for one perfect still shot. That means I only had one chance to get it right. Quickly, I adjusted the settings according to the lighting situation, the distance, etc. With joy, excitement, and nervousness, I began the process of taking the photo. It felt as if time suddenly slowed down and my thumb felt as if it took eons to touch the capture button. Slowly, the gap between my thumb decreased while it descended. Suddenly, the bunny sensed my presence, turned around and looked at my direction. Its eyes met mine, and mine met its. I froze. I swallowed my nervousness, and decided it’s now or never. I clicked the button, only to realize that it was too late, the bunny had already made it halfway through the leaping process, which in turn was cut off from the screen. I was disappointed, yet motivated. “Next time….” I said to myself. “Next time… I will successfully capture a picture of the bunny.”