by Eric Liang

Image Credits to Robin Buhl

It was five in the morning. I went out and sat at the edge of the pond which was located not too far from my house. It was surrounded by tall yellow plants. I sat there in silence, and waited. It was quiet, peaceful, relaxing, but cold. The temperature was well below seventy degrees Fahrenheit. Still, I sat there, and waited. With every breath I made, a small cloud of white smoke would appear, clouding my vision. I rubbed my hands together and sat with my feet curled up against my chest to keep myself warm. There was no one else but me and mother nature. I was far away from civilization, from the busy streets of the city life. Here, in the countryside, my mind is at peace.

And there I sat, at the edge of the pond, waiting for the magical moment to take place, the event when the sun rises from behind the thick trees and hills that surrounds my home. Only an hour remained until it shows its face. Excitement filled my mind, my heart began to race, and I eagerly stared across the pond and focused on the horizon. Suddenly, a golden beam of warmth shined and blinded my eyes. Slowly, the sky glowed, and became brighter and brighter. The roosters began to sing their morning ritual song. At last, the sun has finally risen!