Frozen Ice

by Eric Liang

Image Credits to Anna Elizabeth

It is ice cold. I was surrounded by a thin layer of ice, and a bit of snow rested on my head. I shivered. With the sun’s reflection on the ice, I shined ever so brightly like a ruby coated with a thin layer of diamond. The beauty of a white winter surrounded my home. There, I slowly froze alongside with my companions. Together, we hung in there, and waited for spring to come. We waited for the warmth of spring, but until then, we were stuck here, frozen solid in ice, and all we can do is wait. Any day now, the tree in which we grabbed on so tightly will let us go, and quickly, we will fall to our demise. Until then, we hung on with all our might until spring came. The warmth of spring, the clearing of snow, the beautiful colors of blossoming flowers, will fill the icy cold frozen world with life once more. The chirping of birds as they rise to get their meal, the buzzing of the bees getting ready to take flight and collect the nectar from the flowers of spring, and finally, the sun which shines ever so brightly bringing peace and warmth to this land. Until then, we hung on and waited, and waited, and waited.